Wide Mood Summer

For me summer is something magical… The weather, the fabrics, coffee in the street, fav sunglasses…Its simply perfection. Non the less summer stands for firm style. I start to go all in to minimal and outfits with the edge.

Long long time before the summer I decided I ll be in loose pants, comfy slippers and natural materials all the time… There is just something fabulous about wearing wide cuts all the way down and skinny tops this season. I am not saying it is anything new or super trendy ( as what are trends these times ) but for me its No. 1 choice almost every single day.

So my message to You ladies is to run and find Your own perfect wide cut pants straight after You read through the article. The pieces from Gestuz will bring Your daily outfit unbelievable great. The same trousers and the blouse will save you some time when you choosing your outfit (haha), but also will make you stand of the crowd.


And the outfit number 2. will be perfect for Sunday mornings in the city. Actually I am very proud of outfir No. 2, because I made it myself. I used a possibility to purchase the patterns and the fabric for pants in one of my favorite hobby/fabrics shop STOFF&STIL.  Just so you know the white T-shirt I have purchase in H&M, but the cute “bug” stickers I have also purchased from STOFF&STIL. (If you are interested to make it as well check the link below).

So generally Ladies, You are your own trend setter. So, be creative and unique; empowered to dictate the trends to whom ever You want/whenever You want.

Sending you Thousands of kisses!


Ds Creative chooses:

SET of Wide Pants and The Blouse / GESTUZ

T-Shirt / H&H

STOFF&STIL / https://www.stofogstil.dk/kurv  

By the way: I could not find the same material of the pants, but you can find much more beautiful materials!

Good luck!




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