When you want it ALL

Lets be fair today, that we do not have right to blame men then they are saying that women mood changes 100 times per day. 🙂 So today, I will focus on the the most unmatchable pieces and if it is something we should fight or simply go along?

Every woman reaches that point were you feel …, in my case I get really crazy moods swings when in the early morning I dont get my coffee or you just standing in front of my closet and I know, that nothing will come from it…

So when you in this kind of crazy mood I just trying to find my favourite pieces at once and well normally you would think it simple couldn’t be the mach in your daily outfit. So how does it work? Maybe we should actually just try instead of overthinking?

Today is the day, when I have a crazy morning that I simple need to put beloved black corrugated skirt and my new exclusive glitter sweater.

Well.. I couldn’t say it was my strongest and best look, but to be fair it didn’t look so bad and I actually really like it. How about you?

So, if ever You will be standing in front of the mirror and think that what You are wearing is simply not right – think twice, because nowadays there are no bad outfits and what ever You would go for it will be the right choice.


Just stay positive and be creative!


Ds creative chooses:

Sweater/ Gestuz


Leather jacket/PROJECT Unknown


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