Spring Mindset

As always spring is much more than just thoughts on a new set of clothes…

When mid spring hits – state of mind sets Your overall choices both in lifestyle and style.
As every season I’m one of those women that choose not to fall head over heels to exsisting trends. I tend to keep a lot more of myself and at the same time still bring my personal style, which also keeps me worm, when the weather changes so much…:(

This year as soon as spring came I thought to myself – what will be my spring edition to my closet…. well what do You know it got to one and only – jacket.

So ladies – if You are in search of a great jacket – go ahead and and pick something bright, colourful and maybe flowery, because it might be that this jacket will make you feel safe from rain or wind and at the same time it reminds you, that is actually spring time!

I myself already have favourite jackets and its just the begining…

With Love,



Ds creative chooses:

Black Jacket /Gestuz

Leopard Print Jacket/mBm Jeans

Denim Jacket/ONLY

Green Jacket /Modstrom

Light Jacket/Modstrom



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