Refuse to be grumpy!

As the winter snow starts to melt and every page You check is filled with fabulous fashionistas from all over the world rocking the best Spring collection clothes and great mood, is just a small part that March is going to brings us. And today I will be speaking about the perfect flower, coconut, orange and honey smell that LUSH products bring to us.

Please tell me that you have heard of Lush before! In case you haven’t this blog post is going to make you feel in love!

My beautiful sister just visited London last weekend and she brought the best gift from Lush store. Four beautiful handmade Bath Soups, Lip Balm and Lip Scrub.:) Lush company is focusing on creams, soaps, shampoos, shower gels, lotions scrubs, masks and other cosmetics for the hair, face and body using only vegetarian and vegan recipes and everything literally everything smells amazing.

When I open the soapbox the room has filled with the most amazing aroma… it bring a very natural smell right away. It is not overpowering, like other batch products might be. The bath soups and the lip balm with scrub is one of the most favorite products at the moment for me. Especially, when my mood is little bit down, the smell from the cosmetics really can make you feel amazing. I also like this cosmetic, because it is free from animal testing and ingredients are all natural.

Unfortunately, we cannot buy cosmetic in Denmark, but it is easy to order the product online.

It might be little difficult to pick what you want, because they have a huge selection of different products, but no matter which part of your face you are dealing with and no matter how you are trying to treat your body and hair. I am sure You will find something that works well for you.


P.S: Check the products here:

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