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Todays post is about the hair products, which I used to keep my blonde hair healthy. Those who dye their hair, probably knows that somethimes it is  extremely difficult to look after them. So, today I wanted to share my hair products, which helps to keep my hair treated well.

No Inhibition is an Italian brand, which I am using for a long time.

  1. No Inhibition Shampoo and Conditioner – Hydrates, conditions and eliminates frizz immediately, leaving hair extremely soft and bright while preserving color integrity. I can’t live without this shampoo and conditioner. If I wash my hair with a regular shampoo I can not brush them. So, this shampoo and conditioner is perfect for me.
  2. No Inhibition Sea Salt Spray creates a “day at the beach” look, and gives texture to any kind of style. A Sea Salt Spray provides structure and body to straight or wavy hair. I always apply this product, if I want to straight or curl my hair, it really makes it easy and fast.
  3. No Inhibition Silkening Milk-  gives to the hair an extreme brilliance and thanks to it’s polishing effect. I apply this product, only then I want to make my hair dry in natural way. It always helps to control my hair and leaves them super soft and supported.
  4. No Inhibition Final Protector – protects hair from heat produced by straightening irons and adds radiant shine. Its unique formula with passion fruit oil conditions hair, leaving it silky and shiny; also it smells really good:)

I always have a rule, that if you use any kind of hair or cosmetic products, it should always be from the same brand, at least the main products, likes in this case: shampoo, conditioner, sprays and etc. I think, then you can really see and feel the difference and effect of the products on your hair.

If you considering to try these products, you should do it. I think you will really like it.


I hope you enjoyed reading this week post.

Take care!



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