Light Shine through…

Hello Beautiful people,

Happy New Years!

As the crazy Christmas mood is gone, now is the time to enjoy little bit longer days and more light. There is not even a slight chance that today I will get anxiety attack, because time goes really fast and soon will come Spring. When you realise that all “new” wardrobe has to fill our closets in two month notice…:)

But relax, we still have plenty time, don’t you worry. Today we will discuss the fragrance, which enveloping my heart by exotic Jasmine shimmer and sparkling Orange Blossom,  which is the best Christmas present from my boyfriend.

Chanel just launched their new fragrance “Gabrielle” and I am hooked and impressed! When you hold perfume in your hands, you can feel the story behind. It tells the story of Coco the legendary designer.

“A rebel at heart, Gabrielle fought to become the woman she wanted to be. A woman as radiant as the fragrance she inspired”.


At first, the scent is rather classic, but then develops a beautiful delicate.

The bottle is modern, sleek, simple and just overall beautiful. I love that the light shines just through the bottle, which brings warm amber colour.

Perfume smells amazing! It has this fresh, radiant floral scent with a little fruity sweetness to it. It reminds me little bit of the timeless Chanel No.5 , and at the same time I can sense a little hint of  Coco Mademoiselle. Is this something in between? In my opinion – Yes!

As all Chanel perfumes, Gabrielle is long lasting. It does fade after a few hours, but the scent is definitely there and I can smell it at the end of the day.

It is obvious that I love this fragrance, but would you wear it?  Anyone that loves a girly, floral and fresh sense would enjoy this fregrance. I think you will also like this perfume if you love Coco Mademoiselle or No. 5.

To sum up this January and all the big holidays I decided to start with a perfume that stands for a creative, strong and unique woman. With the smell that at the end of the day makes You feel fabulous. And with a bottle in my bag that each and every time it comes out and inspires me.
So the next time You go perfume hunting think of a bigger picture, because in the end its not only the smell itself it is a lot more.


Sending a lot of love,




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