Every Day Is A Fresh Start

As the summer fades away Fall comes in hard and strong. Bringing us new trends, new colors, new wishes and new ways to express our selves. To be fair one of the best seasons of all is just around the corner. So we have to make sure we step into it at our best.

In general September is really sentimental for me: summer is over and you starting to go to school, filling your new notebooks with important information, and the smell, of fresh weather and new books;

I can feel it, its Autumn again!

I love notebooks and always have. I still remember the first one I bought for something other than school. I was 10, and it had a stylist, colourful, glitter flavours on the front. I planned to write important information regarding my life – I wrote three words, and it became a sketching book.:)

Now, I am little bit more organised, so I am actually trying to use my notebook/calendar for important events in my life. You maybe will think that I am “old school”, but I will always have my notebook in my hand, because I love to write in it.

So don’t be too sad about the summer as fall is bringing so much more than You can even dream of.




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