Silver Summer

I have never been a very big jewellery Fan… I never been that girl, who puts everything what they have on their arms, neck… you name it:)

I actually always trying to pick my jewelry very carefully and I always thinking if they mach my every day outfits and the life rhythm. I am 100% assured, that the woman is looking  good only with good quality accessories/jewelries.

This summer season I want to shine little bit more,then usually, so I picked my favourite this season, which are always with me; including the Chanel Lip Balm and Dior Shimmer!

I hope you have also find your favourite jewelries, accessories and cosmetic, which makes you feel great every summer day!

Sending Shimmery Kisses,



Ds creative chooses:

Shoes /OTRE

Necklace with April Sign/RebekkaRebekka

Necklace No 2./SELECTED

Bracelet /SELECTED



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